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Airports and Airport Services

Vayu team has extensive national and international experience in the design of airport solutions, airport services and is present throughout the project life cycle.

Vayu able to assist Airport operators with passenger handling, landside and airside security services, loading operations, as well as ramp and cargo applications, ticket sales, de-icing, air bridge operations, Car Parking operations and VIP services at airports.

Vayu keeps up with times and provide services that are innovative and efficient to maintain its high-quality services and resource optimisation.

Ramp and cargo services

Vayu assists with ground operations, including loading and unloading freight, dragging and thrusting aircraft services, and aircraft de-icing operations. We also offer cleaning services of passenger and crew cabins, auxiliary equipment, tyres, electrical and air-conditioning units. And provide safe and efficient transport services to crew.

VAYU Airline services

Vayu is specialist in Airlines support services. Airlines must ensure their chosen facilities and support services partner has the expertise required to enhance standards, reduce costs and improve customer service. We appreciate the challenges any airline may face in improving customer satisfaction results and meeting security regulations. Let us to take the pressure off your shoulders and allow you to focus on your operations, our solutions will help you exceed expectations and give every passenger an exceptional experience. Vayu has the capacity to provide you with a complete solution tailored to your exact needs.

VAYU Aviation Recruitment

Vayu Aviation Services Ltd understands resourcing requirements for employers, as our candidates are seeking a rewarding career that not only challenges and motivates you but offers financial reward and personal stability. Vayu able to provide fully customised service from recruitment, vetting, medical, onboarding and best training to create your employees feel valued from day one. Just tell us your requirements, we will provide one off or on-going services as appropriate.

Vayu Consultancy Services

Vayu consultancy services has drawn together a strong team of senior international aero and non-aero professionals to deliver a wide range of services on behalf of our clients.

Vayu App

Eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based inspection/audit processes and documentation. All your airside and landside areas – regardless of how big or small your airport is, just consult with us and we will provide efficient services whilst helping reduce to impact on environment.

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